An Open Letter to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

29 March 2016

An Open Letter to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Our community needs your help.

On 28 December 2015 the Baird Liberal Government began removing century old fig trees from Alison Road in Randwick and Anzac Parade in Moore Park to facilitate their Eastern Sydney Light Rail project.

These trees are historic and form part of Sydney’s heritage and character.

In 1914, when troops marched from Kensington Racecourse down to the docks at Circular Quay, to get on boats to go and serve in Gallipoli, they walked past these trees.

These trees did not need to be removed and further removal of trees along Anzac Parade need not occur to allow the light rail project to proceed.  We can have light rail and preserve these majestic trees.

Despite community outrage and the opposition of both Sydney City and Randwick City Council, and local state and federal members of parliament, more trees have been marked for destruction by the Baird Liberal Government.

We ask that you as the Local Federal Member of Parliament intervene and ask the New South Wales Government to halt the destruction of more trees and work with Sydney City Council and Randwick City Council on alternate routes that preserve these trees.

We can have the light rail and keep our historic trees.

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