Childcare changes locking families out of system

Many local workers and children in our community are missing out on childcare because of the Morrison Government’s inadequate policy. 

That is because recent Government changes restrict childcare providers to 50 per cent of their revenue as of the beginning of March, providing providers with no incentive or capacity to take new enrolments or allow parents to increase their hours.

In Parliament, I asked the Prime Minister to fix it. But Mr Morrison did not answer my question - he got the Education Minister to respond. The full video of his answer is below.

The Morrison Government is trying to shift the blame onto childcare providers – completely failing to understand that providers in our community are desperately crunching the numbers to try and provide as much care as possible.

I urge the Morrison Government to adequately fund our early education and care system, to ensure every family in our community who requires child care can access it.

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