Climate Action Rally Speech

In 2 weeks’ time the leaders of most of the world’s nations will meet in Paris to hopefully agree on a framework to reduce global carbon emissions and attempt to limit growth in global temperatures to 2 degrees to avoid catastrophic consequences of climate change.

You and I know climate change is occurring. You and I know climate change is getting worse. You and I know how climate change is affecting the lives of people in our neighbourhood – the Pacific.

You and I know that unless Australia takes real credible action on climate change our kids will pay for our mistakes and our economy will be weaker into the future.

This is a message that has been ignored by the Australian Liberal Government.

This is a Government that has removed policies that were reducing carbon emissions.

This is a Government that has actively discouraged more renewable energy, a Government that has put internal Liberal Party politics ahead of a cleaner environment for our kids.

A Government that is taking woefully inadequate commitments regarding reductions in carbon emissions to Paris.


Since they were elected in 2013 Liberals have removed the carbon price and replaced it with a policy charade called direct action. They have abolished the cap on carbon emissions put in place by the previous Labor Government.

As a result emissions from our electricity sector that were falling are now rising again.

In 2007, emissions were 600 million tonnes. In 2013, emissions were 548 tonnes.

Electricity sector emissions are rising again and Government’s own Department of Environment says by 2020 they will reach 656 million tonnes.

Under this Liberal Government Australia has become the only developed nation in the world that has used Government policy to discourage more renewable energy in our economy by reducing the Renewable Energy Target.

As a result investment in renewable energy fell by 88% in 2014.

Expats agree the Government’s policy commitment of 26 – 28% reduction in emissions by 2030 will not keep within the 2 degree warming scenario.

When Malcolm Turnbull was elected the Australian people dared to hope that we would finally get real action on climate change.

But that hope was short lived.

Instead, Malcolm Turnbull has put internal Liberal politics ahead of a cleaner environment.

He has put his own ambitions ahead of the future of our kids. This is unforgiveable.

We need real action on climate change and we need it now.

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