Coronavirus (COVID-19) update No.11

This is my latest update to provide you with information about the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on our community.

The National Cabinet has agreed on a staged approach to the gradual easing of social restrictions.

It’s important to note that these changes won’t take effect until the timing of the implementation is decided by the NSW Government. This decision will likely be announced next week and until that time the current restrictions remain in place.

The National Cabinet today decided the following guidelines to be implemented at a future date by the State Governments:

Stage 1
• Five visitors in private homes and 10 visitors in businesses and public places.
• Children will also be back in classrooms.
• Restaurants, cafes, shops, libraries, playgrounds, and community centres will be allowed to reopen but with the 10 visitor limit in place.
• Funerals will be permitted to have 30 people outdoors while weddings will be allowed with 10 people.
• Local and regional travel within states for non-essential reasons will also be allowed.

Stage 2
• The second stage of changes will then allow gatherings of up to 20 people along with the opening of gyms, beauty shops, cinemas, galleries and other public spaces.
• Caravan and camping grounds to reopen.
• Some interstate travel permitted.

Stage 3
• A third stage of easing social restrictions would permit gatherings of up to 100 people, the opening of nightclubs and food courts.
• Return to workplaces.
• All interstate travel as well as the possibility of travel to New Zealand, Pacific Islands and student travel.

The dates for implementation of these changes shall be decided by the State governments.

Again, I stress these guidelines have not been implemented yet by the NSW Government. Their decision on these guidelines will likely be announced next week. Please continue to abide by the current restrictions until an announcement by the NSW Government is made then.

Our community has shown great discipline in complying with social distancing restrictions during the Coronavirus crisis. We must remain highly vigilant, listen to the medical experts and keep the focus on saving lives.

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