Media Release - Firing up discussion about an Australian head of state

Australians will fire up discussion about choosing a local as our head of state when they fire up barbies across the nation as part of the “BBQ for an Australian head of state” campaign.

On 1 September 2018, Wattle Day, proud Australians will be catching up in their communities to chew the fat about the push for an Aussie as Australia’s head of state.

Today I helped launch the Australian Republic Movement’s (ARM) national day of action campaign with the first of a series of BBQs to be held throughout Australia.

The ARM are encouraging people to come together and host a BBQ or other campaign activity to discuss with fellow Australians the importance of having an Australian as our head of state.

The time is right for Australians to begin discussing the importance of the change and the process to work and consult with the Australian public to deliver a successful amendment to our constitution through a referendum.

Australia’s head of state should be a person that represents Australians above all other nations - someone we can all be proud of and our kids can aspire to be one day.

Since the 1999 referendum a lot has changed in our country. There is a new generation of Australians who could not vote at the time of the referendum 19 years ago and the ARM is working to educate these people about our Constitution and encourage them to support an Australian republic.

Labor has pledged to hold a vote on an Australian head of state during the first term of a Shorten Labor Government.

For the first time all our nation’s political leaders are republicans. The Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition along with almost every State and Territory Premier or Chief Minister believe in and support amending our constitution to choose an Australian as our head of state.

We are at the perfect moment in time to get serious about working with the Australian people to agree on a process for amending our Constitution to finally choose one of our own as our head of state.

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