Media Release - Head of state confusion highlights Turncoat Turnbull's lack of leadership

New research shows most Australians don’t know their Head of State, but their instinct tells them it should be an Australian.

The Essential Research polling of 1025 Australians shows 66 per cent of respondents incorrectly identified, or didn’t know, our current Head of State.

Of those who think they do know, 30 per cent say the Governor-General is our Head of State, while 24 per cent say it’s the Prime Minister. Only 12 per cent of Australians say they don’t know.

This compares with just the 34 per cent who correctly identified the Queen of the United Kingdom – Elizabeth II – as Australia’s current Head of State.

Australia is a constitutional monarchy with Queen Elizabeth as our sovereign Head of State. The Queen’s royal style and title in Australia is – ‘Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God Queen of Australia and Her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth’.

The latest polling, conducted during the week of the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, also shows nearly half of Australians support Australia becoming a republic with an Australian Head of State, while 22 per cent remain undecided.

Labor is pledging to consult with the Australian people about Constitutional reform and plan for a national vote on an Australian Head of State during the first term of a Shorten Labor government.

Once again, Labor is leading where the Liberals will not.

Malcolm Turnbull’s losing leadership of the ‘Yes’ vote in 1999 republic referendum has left him shaken. He’s no longer willing to fight for yet another one of the beliefs that he’s abandoned - a modern Constitution with an Australian Head of State.

To help achieve this, Commonwealth and State / Territory governments should develop and implement a national civics education program to engage the Australian people in our democratic processes and to improve understanding of the Australian Constitution.

Labor has also developed a plan to recognise the important contribution of Aboriginal and Torres Trait Islanders.

Whether it’s Indigenous recognition or an Australian republic, it’s clear the Prime Minister prefers excuses for inaction rather than conviction and inspiration for our nation.

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