Kingsford Smith voices anger over GP Tax

Sydney has voiced its anger over the Federal Government’s GP Tax as pressure continues to build on Tony Abbott to scrap the unpopular measure.

Deputy Leader of the Opposition and Sydney MP Tanya Plibersek joined me and hundreds of protestors at Randwick’s Prince of Wales Hospital on Saturday for a Rally to Save Medicare.

Ms Plibersek said the public had been deeply disappointed by the Abbott Government’s Budget, in particular the Government’s attack on universal healthcare.

“Through this Budget the Australian public has been given a glimpse of what the Abbott Government wants for their future and they don’t like it one bit,” Ms Plibersek said.

“Before the election Tony Abbott said he would be Medicare’s best friend, that he wouldn’t cut health, education or pensions.

“Now we see him attempting to make the shift to an American style deregulated health system where your credit card counts more than your Medicare card. It’s just not on.”

The $7 GP co-payment will put more pressure on Kingsford Smith’s health precinct and the electorate’s most vulnerable people.

On Saturday the Kingsford Smith and Sydney communities spoke out in opposition to this most heinous of Abbott Government budgetary measures and broken promises.

This Government’s GP Tax will put more pressure on an already struggling Prince of Wales Hospital, and ensure local residents who need health care the most such as pensioners and families with sick kids will pay through the nose.

The message from Saturday’s rally is that we are angry. The Abbott Government is completely out of touch. They need to do the right thing for our community’s most vulnerable and scrap this despicable co-payment.

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