Media Release - Labor welcomes move to advance an Australian republic

Labor welcomes the Australian Republic Movement’s (ARM) announcement of a new campaign to build a national consensus for an Australian head of state.

Twenty years have passed since the Australian people were consulted about our Constitution and it is time to begin another serious discussion about having an Australian as our head of state.

The ARM’s commitment to national consultation and consensus building over the next two years will help to further the case for a Republic and advance the discussion about models for constitutional change.

While Labor’s priority for Constitutional reform remains recognising the First Australians in our Constitution and a Voice to Parliament, we welcome the ARM’s focus on discussing our Constitutional future with the Australian people.

Labor believes each and every Australian, no matter their background, birthplace, gender or religion should be able to aspire to be our nation’s head of state.

This includes our first Australians who are specifically excluded from even being considered as head of state of the land their ancestors have inhabited for tens of thousands of years. This is outdated and wrong. It doesn't represent modern Australia.

Labor is currently reviewing our policy concerning the best way to advance an Australian republic and the ARM’s new campaign will be valuable input into that process.

An Australian republic is about celebrating our independence and our unique culture and identity.

We are a proud, confident nation and we should be able to express this with our own head of state.

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