Media Release - Liberal Assistant Treasurer always online, but still out of touch

Scott Morrison’s admission that Stuart Robert’s extraordinary internet bill warrants further investigation is an embarrassing own-goal for the Prime Minister.

Stuart Robert is Scott Morrison’s captain’s pick – Scott Morrison promoted him, Scott Morrison gave him the Assistant Treasurer role.

Scott Morrison’s “referral” of the sky-high internet bill to the Special Minister of State is a joke and shows he’s not taking it seriously – where Robert is counting the numbers in one room for Morrison, Hawke is doing it in another.

Australian taxpayers deserve better than an investigation whose only purpose is to cover something up.

How can Australians be expected to trust Stuart Robert to help oversee Australia's superannuation savings and fix bank misconduct?

Most Australians wouldn’t put up with wasting more than $1500 on average each month for their home internet bill when they can get the same service at a fraction of that cost.

Stuart Robert seems to be always online, but is still clearly out of touch with the Australian public.

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