Speech - My question to Scott Morrison

My question to the latest Prime Minister, the Member for Cook, based in the electorate on the other side of Botany Bay - Will you help save Yarra Bay?

The NSW Government is planning to build a massive international cruise ship terminal at Yarra Bay on the shores of Botany Bay in Sydney.

It’s a ridiculous proposal.

And it’s being progressed as I speak.

The Southern Courier reports that NSW Government representatives travelled to Florida in the United States to discuss the proposal with the bosses of Norwegian Cruise Line.

This proposal is strongly opposed by our local community.

Once again the Bidjigal people, whose ancestors have called Yarra Bay their home for thousands of years, have not been consulted.

They say this proposal will destroy local traditional fishing areas and livelihoods.

It’s a crazy plan that will bring massive environmental damage.

Botany Bay would once again have to be dredged, risking several protected marine species.

A cruise ship terminal would also change the character of this seaside community.

More roads, increased congestion.

The ridiculous proposal has only come about because the former Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, made a captain’s call to rule out Garden Island as a location for a new cruise ship terminal.

It came despite the Cruise Industry Reference Group, headed by former NSW Liberal leader Peter Collins, clearly recommending Garden Island as the best location.

So I now ask the latest Prime Minister, the Member for Cook, whose electorate is on the other side of Botany Bay:

Will you end this madness and rule out a cruise ship terminal at Yarra Bay and reconsider Garden Island as a location?

Will you help save Yarra Bay?

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