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Speech to Parliament: Phillip Hughes Condolence

On behalf of the people of Kingsford Smith, I wish to pay tribute to Phillip Hughes who passed away tragically on 27 November. The Australian summer is defined by three things: the beach, the barbecue and cricket.

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The Inaugural Pierre Roussel Memorial Lecture


I acknowledge the Bidjigal people, the traditional owners of this land and I pay my respects to their elders both past and present. I also acknowledge the Aboriginal name for this land Curiwwal and waters of Kamay.

I sincerely thank and pay tribute to the board and members of the Friends of Laperouse museum for the passion and commitment you have to preserving the Laperouse legacy and importantly educating our community and wider Australia of the French heritage in this area.

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Speech to Parliament: Dental Health Bill

I speak in support of the amendment to the Dental Benefits Legislation Amendment Bill 2014. It is well known that bad oral health can have a negative impact on a person's quality of life. Untreated dental decay, as well as causing pain and infection, can affect nutritional status and growth and cause issues such as sleep disturbance, poor concentration and other behavioural impacts.

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Speech to Parliament: Clovelly Rd Better Block

On Sunday the people of Clovelly came together to reimagine their streets and their suburb. They transformed Clovelly Road into the street that they want to live in and the environment they want to be a part of.

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Speech to Parliament: Australian Education Amendment Bill

In mid-August this year I was quite fortunate to visit the remote Northern Territory community of Ntaria, where I volunteered at the local school. I was in Ntaria as a volunteer and a guest of the National Aboriginal Sporting Chance Academy — or NASCA— as part of their role models tour. It was my job to not only help promote and encourage healthy living, education and employment for the young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students but to also experience firsthand the challenge of improving educational standards in remote Aboriginal communities. And what a challenge that is.

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Speech to Parliament: Fighting to Save the RET

On behalf of my community I present a petition signed by 313 members of the community calling on the Abbott government not to abandon the renewable energy target and to continue to ensure that Australia promotes investment in renewable energy. CLICK HERE to sign the Save the RET Petition

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Speech to Parliament: Fiji Elections an Important Success

I am pleased to add a contribution to this important motion congratulating the Fijian people on the elections that were held on 17 September this year. A number of us were fortunate to be part of an observer mission to view those elections and to play a role in this vital step that Fiji has taken on the path back to democracy. The successful and well-run elections on 17 September were an important first step on that path back to democracy.

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Speech to Parliament: Brien Holden Vision Institute

I congratulate the board, staff and supporters of the Brien Holden Vision Institute, which is situated in the University of New South Wales and recently hosted me on a visit. The staff of this wonderful organisation have a simple mission: vision care solutions for everyone, everywhere.

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Speech to Parliament: Fair Entitlements Guarantee Bill

I am opposed to the passage of this bill quite simply because it is unfair. It impacts on vulnerable employees and it cuts community standards of entitlement in the case of redundancy payments, payments for unpaid annual leave, unpaid wages, unpaid superannuation in the case of a company or an employer going broke—becoming bankrupt or having a company liquidated. It unfairly impacts on the most vulnerable in our community. The bill should not pass in the form that it is in.

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Speech to Parliament: Celebrating St Michael's Centenary

This year marks the centenary of my former primary school, St Michael's Catholic Primary School in Daceyville in my community. I wish to congratulate all the staff, students and parents for a wonderful year of centenary celebrations. 

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