Media Release - Strong support for advancing to an Australian head of state

More Australians are supporting a local as our nation’s head of state and only Labor has a clear plan for a pathway to a republic.

A new survey from ResearchNow, commissioned by the Australian Republic Movement, shows the majority of Australians are calling for the positive Constitutional change.

Across all age groups, more people agreed than disagreed on the need for Australia to advance to a republic where a local has a fair go at becoming the nation’s head of state.

Support for reform is highest among younger and middle-aged Australians. Since the 1999 republic referendum there are now almost 4 million more people on the electoral rolls compared to that time. This includes a new generation of Australians who could not vote at the time of the referendum 19 years ago.

Only Labor has pledged to hold a vote on an Australian head of state during the first term of a Shorten Labor Government. Once again, Labor is listening to all Australians and leading where the Liberals will not.

An Australian head of state doesn’t mean disrespecting our history or the head of a foreign royal family.

Australia’s head of state should be a person that represents Australians above all other nations - someone we can all be proud of and our kids, and their kids, can aspire to be one day.

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