Media Release - Tim Wilson must resign as Chair of Standing Committee on Economics

The Chair of the Standing Committee on Economics Tim Wilson must resign his position immediately after he created a blatantly partisan website that seeks to generate pre-filled public submissions for an inquiry he is chairing.

This, alongside Mr Wilson’s continual public attacks on the very Labor policy he is pretending to chair an inquiry over, make it obvious where this inquiry is headed. These actions undermine the credibility of the inquiry from the beginning.

Tim Wilson has set up an official-looking website “authorised by” the “Chair of the Standing Committee on Economics” relating to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Economics’ so-called inquiry into Labor’s plan to abolish excess imputation credits.

The website features a pre-filled submission form to “formally register… opposition to scrap refundable franking credits”  as well as various articles attacking the Labor Party and Kerryn Phelps.

The pre-filled submissions will effectively mean significant portions of the submissions received by the Committee are written by the Chair of the Committee himself. This means that when the Committee writes its report, it will be relying in large part on evidence written by the Chair. 

There’s just no pub test it passes.

Furthermore, Mr Wilson’s website also invites members of the public to then sign-up to Geoff Wilson’s dodgy petition against Labor’s reforms – the very petition which falsely claims that half the Labor front bench have signed up to it.

This comes back to Josh Frydenberg giving this partisan reference to the Economics Committee. The Government has no plan for the economy or how to grapple with sustained, low wages growth, instead preferring to attack Opposition policy using parliamentary committees.

This Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison Government is now so out of touch and such a policy free zone that they have no economic policy proposals to investigate – none!

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