Turnbull Cuts Dirty Deal With Shooters

The Turnbull Government has done a dodgy backroom deal with the shooters to lock the community out of Malabar Headland for 50 years.

Where was the consultation with our community? The people of our area deserve to be consulted about this huge decision that effectively destroys any hope of a public parkland and coastal walk.

And so much for the National Park.

This flies in the face of the announcement just three months ago that the Headland would be returned as a national park.

How can you have a long bore shooting range on Malabar Headland and maintain a national park complete with walking track for locals to use.

It defies belief that anyone thinks those two things are compatible. You can’t allow people to walk around a national park with bullets flying around!

I and my colleagues have repeatedly asked questions in the Parliament about how this will work and those questions have been dodged and evaded. Now we know why.

The Liberals failed to sell off the Headland to developers so they sold it off for something else. They are clearly embarrassed by this revelation given there is no mention of this dirty deal anywhere except on Senator Leyonhjelm’s Facebook page.

This shameful dodgy deal from the Liberals shows how little they care about the future of our community.

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