Weekend Medicare Closure Unacceptable

In the weeks and months leading up to last year’s federal election I spent many hours pounding the pavement and knocking on doors.

My goal, to speak to as many locals as possible to find out just what issues our community felt needed the most attention of any incoming local member.

Unsurprisingly, health was the number one priority for residents of Kingsford Smith.

Because of this I made health one of my campaign’s main focal points.

Now, as your local MP, I consider it my duty to fight to ensure Kingsford Smith’s health system receives the resources it deserves.

Our area needs more funding for health care, not less.

That’s why I was incensed recently when told by the Humans Services Minister that our local Medicare office at Eastgardens would have its doors shut on Saturday’s.

Soon after learning of this decision I visited the local office to let people know that soon they would need to find time on their weekdays to run the extra errand.

When I visited the Medicare office on its last open Saturday it was overflowing, in fact the line was out the door (See picture).


Predictably, the vast majority of locals were dumfounded as to the logic behind such a decision.

In line with the community backlash I have established a petition to make sure the Government is aware that our community does not support the weekend closure of the Eastgardens Medicare office.

I encourage you to visit my website at www.mattthistlethwaite.com.au/savemedicare to sign the petition and make your voice heard.

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